rachael ray
Moral: Never swipe back the hair with a butcher knife when slicing and dicing.

Protein for dinner tonight: The day this duo did the cooking, the hairnet industry went bonkers.


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RR is a unique industry, a pleasant one;
Should be on the Dow to rate happiness

Rachael Ray, you may recognize the name, is an industry. The Fortune 500 should take a look. Dow Jones could gain a diverse readership if they ranked her up there beside Microsoft and Coke. I have joined her fan club, if there is one. Reason: A New England food writer, Terry Ward Libby, asked for my opinion..."of this Rachael Ray?" Who? Rachael Ray, she's all over the place. Television. Books. Cookbooks. Website. "She's on more boxes in the supermarkets than Michael Jordan," she said.

Curiosity. The morning I clicked in, the Rachael Ray seemed to be a fashion show with Victoria Secret models. The first thing uttered by whomever...was something about not showing models in thongs. More enlightenment. I never knew about Victoria Secret peddling thongs. Shame. And here I am...living in the hometown where Victoria Secret is a proud industry. Victoria's owner, Les Wexner, has buildings named for him.

Minutes after Victoria grabbed my attention, a cooking show broke out. First impression: Rachael Ray's audience applauds condiments. Second impression: Rachael Ray could never cook for me. She repeatedly brushed her swaying mop of dark hair out of her eyes with her right wrist. I think she was trying to keep the EVOO out of the hair.

Now after RR over morning tea, she is a habit. Go Google and she is worth 3,380,000 "results."

Her website is one of the loaded ones, complicated for hands with all thumbs. The lady sells stuff. The lady endorses food products. She cooks and cooks and cooks. My biggest plus for Rachael Ray as a TV cook: She reminds her audience she is a cook, not a chef. She repeatedly credits her mother as the source of all kitchen talents. I like that.

As television cook, the most telling factor is that she uses stuff right out of the fresh market and market shelves. Boxed stocks. Lots of canned stuff. That's cooking like most home cooks needing time shortcuts.

All RR good stuff keeps me coming back. However, my professional interest has been tweaked by her posted restaurant reviews. She needs help. They need help. Too much citizen journalism, as ink-on-pulp media today looks on with disdain. Rachael Ray is big time. She will get help.

Stay tuned...


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