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SITE DEVELOPMENT NOTE: TALK Topics for this site requires professionals in the food, restaurant and travel industries. Most have been confirmed to be available on-call to discuss their specialties or issues and, when convenient to their travel or research assignments, will be announced in advance on the companion website, www.grumpygourmetusa.com.
The bronze banners in the left alley of this home page offer a sampling of topic-issues facing humankind.

the grumpy gourmet

SUBJECT: A food show with attitude...

TITLE: Grumpy Gourmet 101 ®

HOOK: Radio call-ins keyed to a teaching Website devoted to food and restaurants - the theory being - everyone's a critic.

CALLERS STARTER KIT: www.grumpygourmetusa.com.

UPDATED 2 June 2008: This format has not been presented to agents or any industry entity for consideration. Once in final assembly it will be passed to the publisher of Talkers Magazine for guidance.

PRODUCTION ELEMENTS: There are three levels: The radio show, the website, and the Gonzo Menu information posting support for the website.

THE SHOW: A food fight show minus recipes, cooking demos or Bam Bam chefs; subject matter devoted to the business-gossip-politics-trends-openings and shuttering of name restaurants across the nation.

SHOW THRUST: Everyone patronizing a restaurant is a critic, usually a severe one. This gives call-ins a place to vent - actually two places. Callers asked to put their issues on the related Website.

THE SET: Columbus, Ohio - base broadcast from cluttered office of Grumpy Gourmet working the board, backdrop of plasma screen showing companion Website - with Gonzo Menu, www.grumpygourmetusa.com.. Days prior to the call-in show the HOME page will post directions to the Gonzo Menu of topics scheduled for the next show.

RADIO WITH PICTURES: The Website topics list includes - Safe At The Plate (sanitation), Your Culinary Beat, Rating Restaurants, History of Restaurant Reviewing. The 'Culinary Beat' showcases dozens of food topics. Once operating, the HOME page will be devoted daily to topics / issues to be covered should the home-based listener want around-the-clock access to what is coming up - the satellite mobile audience will be advised to check the Grump site before departing.


FOOD TALKERS: Miriam Bowers Abbott, left, and Carter Foy, make annual appraisals of the more than 50 chef stations spread out open-air at Columbus State Community College's Taste the Future.


Doral Chenoweth, table master with a mike, presides with a daily-changing panel of involved food, travel and food business personalities. All are opinionated. Co-hosts include food and restaurant writer Miriam Bowers Abbott who teaches college-level logic; and Carter Foy, an all-media marketing professional specializing in travel issues of the day. Foy co-produces Grumpy Gourmet 101.

miriam bowers abbot
TALKER: Picture proof that Miriam Bowers Abbott is qualified to handle food talk.


Miriam Bowers Abbott reviews restaurants and writes about the business of food and restaurants from her professional level. She received her bachelor of arts degree from Southern Methodist University; and her master of arts with emphasis on critical analysis from The Ohio State University. Her publishing repertoir includes subjects such as evaluating food product claims. Such a topic speciality is in keeping with her daily routine as mother of three sons, all four and under - thus her E-mail address as Mommie Dearest.

john mariani
Hartmut Handke
America's Master Chef, the world's winningest competition chef, discusses the state of international culinary arts today based on his travels, trends from 1970s as they are today; takes questions. Hartmut Handke's teachings, competitions and reports relate to food cultures in Europe, Asia, South America and his adopted USA.

john mariani
John Mariani
John Mariani, America's most distinguished restaurant reviewer, (Italian) food writer and authority on destination restaurants across the nation. His crowning achievement, the Coast-To-Coast Dining Guide, 1986, Times Books, when he brought 40 legitimate daily newspaper and city magazine restaurant critics together from as many USA cities to provide Guide Michelin-like reviews. Read Mariani: Esquire, Bloomberg News, Wine Spectator, Country Living. On call when his travels permit.

seifert, parsa
How's business? Hubert Seifert, chef-owner of Spagio, a long running, spa-type restaurant in Grandview Heights, Ohio, talks trade trends with Dr. H. Parsa, author of several books on foodservice. He is hospitality professor at the University of Central Florida.
Robert Welcher: www.restcon.net
Dr. H. Parsa: www.hospitality.ucf.edu

101 Reasons why restaurant close: For the recent 20 years the primary causes of restaurant flops fit set categories (reasons)...lousy food, inexperienced management, wrong location, partnerships gone sour, failure to pay Uncle Sam his lawful share - for the full researched list, log into www.grumpygourmetusa.com. Under TOPICS, click into 101 Reasons Why Restaurants Close.

This TALK faculty includes two nationally-known experts at both ends of the business: One, Dr. H. Parsa, author, lecturer, researcher, former hospitality professor at The Ohio State University and now at the University of Central Florida. In his classrooms, graduate hospitality students use his books for statistical
Sinkhole..maybe 102 reasons to close...
background covering all aspects of the foodservice business - the nation's largest cumulative employer in more than 900,000 restaurants. Dr.Parsa's textbooks, one reviewer wrote, "examine the heartbeat of restaurant business." And two: On the other end of the business is Robert Welcher, president of Restaurant Consultants, Inc. He advises on how to keep restaurants open, too often on call when a restaurant's heartbeat indicates trouble. Welcher's business fame came to the fore when The Wall Street Journal cited his firm for refining the Secret Shopper approach to find out about front-of-the house problems unknown to owners. Welcher consults with two clipboards - one on pre-opening plans of a restaurateur's location selection to traffic patterns, code guidelines, financing, rent structers, area competition, menu planning and his most important chapter, employee hiring and training. Clipboard No. 2 - marketing.

Critical Date: 17 March 2008: Welcher called attention to two stories in Nation's Restaurant News, one noting restaurant closings in New England as "sign of the times," broadly using grim economic news out of Washington; and the NRN headline: Cost-wary restaurants lay off large numbers. The story played right into Welcher's teachings, an agreement with the story's subhead: "Most of the recent layoffs affected midlevel managers and corporate employees, who may leave the industry."

"Dear Mom and Dad, wish you were here,
Love, Jerry and Diane"
Planning a cruise:
Who Ya Gonna Sue?


janet huggard
Janet Huggard, Editor
Cruise Bruise

Editor Janet Huggard will be taking calls. As the primary aggregator of cruise news, Huggard has immediate answers as to groundings, sinkings, crimes on board, pirates (yes, they strike cruise liners around the world), and those all-important sanitation failings. She verbalizes the "dismal kitchen conditions" found on most liners.

Cruise Bruise has a mission: To turn up the heat on an industry that operates world wide with foggy, vague or zero international regulations. Liners fly the flag of questionable nations. Liberia comes to mind. Liberia? Cruise Bruise is associated with advocacy groups...they do exist in a void created by lack of government oversight.

Who reads Janet Huggard? Millions of people. Her website is visited by lawmakers at local, state, provincial and federal levels, the tour industry, airlines, and concerned media. This website fits into the latter.

Is the public concerned? As of 12 AUG 2007, Cruise Bruise had 3,014,783 hits. More protection: Know before you go....

Read More, Click Here

patti shock
Patti Shock
Stuff from Patti Shock:
The Shock Treatment, Patti Shock, chair, UNLV hospitality program based in the world's premier restaurant destination city, Las Vegas, has 20 years experience in this fun city. She's a national authority for meeting planning in the nation's major convention city. Her website is the door opener for what's happening in Vegas. For our TALK purposes, her hobby is dining in the city's upscale restaurants; Shock's current Top 10, billed as 10 restaurants to take clients to eat:
1 - Panevino
2 - Vinter Grill
3 - Capital Grill
4 - Verandah at Four Seasons
5 - Cili
6 - Las Vegas Country Club
7 - The Stirling Club at Turnberry Place
8 - Rosemary's
9 - Smith & Wollensky
10 - Triple George Grill

poker table

guy savoy
Guy Savoy
Vegas: More than poker and baccarat:
JayLo, an attorney who does not write like a lawyer, is a veteran food and travel reporter dining out of her resident Las Vegas. She's the authority on the city's fast, daily changing culinary growth. She reviews the name chefs making Vegas the world's top destination for what's new on tables other than under green velvet. Questions about food on cruise liners? She's been there on all the new floats. Her food travels range from her home plate to Dubai. Will be on TALK call, between research trips.
JayLo's newest chef finds:
1 - Restaurant Guy Savoy. www.caesarspalace.com, dining perfection pioneered in Paris, moved totally to Las Vegas.
2 - Andre's Las Vegas. www.andrelv.com, opened 1980 near downtown, free standing, not in a hotel; noted wine depth.
3 - Wing Lei, unique fame after being granted a Guide Michelin star, 2008 edition,, the only Chinese restaurant in the USA to be rated by Michelin. Search: www.wynn.com, click dining, then on chef's image.

lisa lillien
Lisa Lillien

Lisa Lillien may be the nation's major all-inclusive food writer. Her newsletter, which is free to interested parties, touches all food issues, offers her fave recipes, does not hold back on her opinions, tells readers she is not a nutritionist, adding that "I'm just hungry." For you, the reader, her invitation is this...chew on this. Her qualifications: She says "I love food because it is delicious....I obsess over food, I learn about it, research it, dream about it." Her thrill is discovery, all things relating to new foods, trends, a new low-cal snack. Best of all for TALK Topic callers...search out her D.I.E.T. opinions on the bronze banner, D.I.E.T. Confusion, this website's HOME page.

bag guy
Restaurant Reviewer du jour: From across the nation, the legitimate professionals will guest host to define his or her city's culinary attractions. Their secondary purpose is to take back their respective cities from the nameless bloggers reeking havoc with unsigned (anonymous) postings going beyond libel limits. (For definition of a legitimate review, go to www.grumpygourmetusa.com., click onto TOPICS, see ETHICS.) Major cities where restaurants are considered food (culinary) destinations: Las Vegas, Seattle, the Charleston-Savannah axis, Chicago, New York City, San Diego, San Francisco,Boston, Columbus, Memphis, Atlanta, Napa Valley along Rt. 29, and with extreme caution advisories, New Orleans. North of the border: Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. CAUTION NOTE: Philadelphia, Washington, Detroit and Miami ruled out because of crime levels.

brett snyder
Brett Snyder, Airline Dork
Best to follow Andy Rooney's travel advice: Stay at home. For details: Brett Snyder is the person you should check out these days before booking flight with any airline.

Before ticketing, check Brett:
Brett Snyder, an airline dork?
Well, let him tell the story.
He's not coming to you from the
cockpit or from some travel
agent's office. Actually, he very
much likes airlines...even with
all their troubles these days.

Additional Faculty Members: A full dozen more TALK Show participants are being booked. Once confirmed, their bios and subjects will be posted.

As critical food issues mount,
call with suggestions to provoke Washington.

E-mail: thegrumpygourmet@wowway.com