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This website is designed to supply two radio TALK shows. Both are being created in mixed media of sorts. Mixed with a working website to post daily food related topics that may be read or discussed openly by callers to the shows. One show is targeted toward a Columbus, Ohio, audience with food people going beyond the kitchen and venturing into all the food topics - controversies - swirling about our daily lives. TALK topics relate to food recalls, contamination, virus alerts, imports from China et al, food gossip, industry news, the politics of food today, discussions of favorite Columbus dining experiences by active and legitimate newspaper reviewers, scams, openings and closings of Columbus eateries and wellness foods arriving in Columbus.

Prepare thyself: For a no-note graduate level course in food and restaurant journalism, click to this website: www.grumpygourmetusa.com

Companion link: Network Faculty, a cast of nationally known food writers, wine columnists, authors, travel writers with objective issues rather than resort puff, Capt. Cruiser floating his high seas experiences, the Supermarket Guru guiding you between aisles, Hungry Girl with her biting reports, oh, even a bit of humor.

Below: Columbus Faculty.

columbus talkers columbus talkers numbered

Columbus Faculty of Grumpy Gourmet 101, all with food issues they will air on their own TALK show co-host appearances.

1 - Deane Cobler, chef-instructor, campaigns against culinary diploma mills; advocate of certified work-study culinary programs.

2 - Darth Eater, critiques famous and infamous expense account frauds; today's travel troubles, hotel and airline dangers.

3 - Asa Rodriquez, sous chef to the world's winningest competition chef. CIA grad talks trade from a noted fine dining kitchen to foodies.

4 - Pizza Nazi, Napoli trained, harshly opinionated on USA fusion pizza fakers. Detests frozen supermarket pizzas. Teaches wood-fired techniques.

5 - Helena Louie, Hong Kong trained, early campaigner against trans fats; advocates total freshness in cooking classes at Whole Foods Market.

6 - Shelley Owen, food events manager, advises shows serving 10 to hundreds. Cook and kitchen ware expert from her Sur la Table years.

7 - Sugar, Grump's diet advisor, anti-sodium, anti-power drinks, pro organic; takes caller questions on dangerous foods invading nation.

8 - Julie Osborne, sea weed expert, reviews Vegas as world's top dining locale; attorney, restaurant reviewer, opinionated.

9 - Rudy Avalos, dining in Milan, Paris, London, NYC? Take his advice, please? Food writer from appropriate position. He cooks.

10 - Mommy Dearest, co-host Grump, Food Czar backer, says food threatened. Teaches logic college level. Reviews 50 restaurants annually.

11 - Capt. Cruiser, advises on cruise liner grub survival, sea disasters, CDC reports. Survivor of 71 sea cruises in 20 years. Ouch.

12 - Grumpy Gourmet, food provocateur, survivor of food trends, recalls, E.coli, scurvy, death threats, all from 4,000 eateries in 20-plus countries.

13. Ben Vivant, attorney, food writer, equitable law and wage campaigner, co-host and counsel keeping all show elements legal and light.

14 - Carter Foy, co-producer Grumpy Gourmet 101, records issues, trends, debates, appearances, bookings, website research and updates.

TALK Topic Columbus Faculty not available when image shot:
Vittorio Borgia, lecturer on service, front of house management.
Henry Butcher, French Creole native on history, legends, techniques.
Jeff Hollenback, lecturer food sciences, soul foods, southern cookery.
Carol Kizer, noted culinary educator, Columbus State Community College.
Bob Kramer, 30-year enforcement veteran, Columbus Health Department.
Mary Martineau, her topics - North Market, Short North, where she dines.
Robert Welcher, national expert on why eateries open, stay open, and close.
David Zartman, OSU ag professor emeritis, world authority on food production.

As critical food issues mount,
call with suggestions to provoke Washington.