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Dept. of Jousting at Windmills

This could be the most important TV show in our lifetime.
Attn: Sen. Sherrod Brown.
Call to his attention. 1.888-896-6446 (Ohio Offices)
Columbus Offices: 614-469-2083 Washington Offices: (Not Toll-Free) 202-224-2315

Sen. Sherrod Brown: Put this to music. Think about what a gaggle of writers and producers could do in the public interest with all the Centers for Disease Control has to offer. But in this era of short attention spans, decreasing abilities to read and comprehend beyond the length of a hemorrhoid commercial, and the sheer volume of bogus health and safety information floating around out there…CDC needs a dramatized outlet handy to the busy public.

Sen. Brown: Think C-Span4. Why Sherrod Brown? In his first term as a United States senator from Ohio, he has demonstrated an ability to provoke actions in the public interest. On the Lou Dobbs-CNN programs Brown brings attention to current and on-going food recalls, Chinese import alerts and other issues needing government attention.

While CDC reports are readily available to Internet users, even the most experienced users may have navigation problems. This pitch to adapt CDC-techno to approaches used by the 11-o'clock news and/or CNN 24-7 productions could enlighten the masses.

This suggestion to Sen. Brown: Encourage creation of C-Span 4. The existing C-Spans (1-2-3) are private entities supported by the cable industry in return for Federal sanctions to operate. All are informative; all fill specialized needs by keeping the populace informed. All require little more than fixed cameras focused tightly on government in action, and/or informational debates, book discussions, staid public announcements. Proposed: CDC activities, research, reports, all of vital importance to the welfare of this nation and the world, could-should be produced as 24-7 dramatizations - TV shows to gather public viewership.

How to finance: No government money to be involved. Seek funding from non-profit foundations. Start with the Ford Foundation. Seek support of the Bucksbaum (family) Foundation. Troll the rest. The well is overflowing with inactive foundation millions.
The first dollar comes from this website.

Where to begin: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Daily Digest Bulletin, =========================================================

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C-SPAN Origins:
You can watch House and Senate debates on television over C-SPAN, the Cable Satellite Public Affairs Network. Beginning in 1979, the House of Representatives allowed television to cover its floor proceedings. The Senate opened its chamber to television in 1986. Since then, C-SPAN has broadcast the daily proceedings of the House and Senate "gavel to gavel" --- that is, from the moment the presiding officer gavels the chamber into session to the moment it adjourns. C-SPAN was created and continues to be funded by the cable television industry. C-SPAN expanded the congressional galleries into millions of homes, allowing citizens to follow the floor debates as well as the more important committee hearings. Videotapes of the proceedings are deposited at the National Archives for future research use. There are presently three C-SPAN channels. This website proposes a fourth for the specific purpose of alerting the nation to dangers of the public interest being reported by the Centers for Disease Control.

As critical food issues mount,
call with suggestions to provoke Washington.